These last 2 years has been devastating for all the lost legends of music. Scott Weiland, David Bowie, Glen Frey, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Chuck Berry, Chris Cornell, Greg Allman, Chester Bennington, Tom Petty and most recently Gord Downey. Naturally as time goes on, we will be seeing more of our heroes leave us. The issue that I have and am realizing as I am seeing this happen is that there doesn’t seem to be anyone replacing them. Today’s music market with all of it’s changes doesn’t seem to be conducive to pushing the boundaries of musicality to produce new legends and heroes to fill the void being left behind from the fallen ones. The digital evolution of sound, DJ’s, sampling, streaming and downloading has brought us to new grounds. Even the way fans experience music is different. There is more music being produced than ever before but it seems like all we are hearing through on the radio airwaves are the same classic songs. How are we to open the way for new blood, for new classics to grow in our memories and create new experiences to new music if we are only hearing the same old songs. I think it’s going to end with the legacy of our falling heroes and the new role models for young people are mostly going to be entertainers rather than musicians. With fewer avenues to share live music, today’s bands are left with an underground fanbase and spending countless hours crafting their art to then practically beg people to come experience the fruits of their labour. It is a losing battle because of the increase in volume of media we are exposed to on a daily basis which causes a decrease in demand for live entertainment. Why go out to see a show when you can see one from your living room. I’m not trying to be negative but am simply making an observation with the reality we are faced with as artists. All I can do is continue creating and fulfill that itch within myself. Hope that there will continue to be people who still want to experience music the way it was meant to be… as a live intimate experience where magic can happen.